As promised attached to this blog post is the Office 2007 UI Extensibility demo code and XML, load it up and see customising the Office UI has just got way simpler!!

Here are some useful links that I had in my PowerPoint deck

  1. Office Open XML Formats
    1. Office 2007 Open XML Resource Kit, Code Snippets for C# and VB.NET
    2. Main Open XML Format Portal - great set of industry resources, including links off the standardization efforts on ECMA
    3. MSDN Office Developer Portal
      1. Notably
        1. Introducing the Office (2007) Open XML File Formats
        2. Matthew Scott: Application Development Using the Open XML File Formats
    4. Andrew has just down a follow on posting from OzFox - Linking Word 2007 Content Controls to Custom XML
  2. Office 2007 UI Extensibility
    1. See attached sample code – run the setup project first
      1. And check out the Channel 9 webcast at Eric Faller and Savraj Dhanjal - Ribbon Extensibility in Office 2007
    2. For information on implementing the Office Ribbon "Royalty Free" in your own applications then check out the
  3. Setting up SharePoint Development – see my previous blog posting Getting Started with Windows SharePoint Services & Server 2007 – Useful Resources

Cheers, Dave