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How to fix the Outlook Express spelling checker when the French Dictionary is the only dictionary

How to fix the Outlook Express spelling checker when the French Dictionary is the only dictionary

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A few days ago I was working on a new laptop and I noticed that after I installed Office 2007 the English dictionary in Outlook Express had been changed to the French dictionary. I also noticed that I was unable to change it back to the English dictionary. I have been able to fix this in the past by just going in to Outlook and selecting the dictionary that I wanted to use, and it would take care of this for Outlook Express as well. This time was different and it did not fix it. So after some research I found an easy way to fix this. There is a spelling checker you can install for Outlook Express that will reinstall the default English Dictionary. Download Spell Checker For OE.

NOTE: This application has no spyware or adaware!


  • WOW! That was easy.  thanks so much!!!

  • As everyone else has said, mercy bo coo.  I was going a bit gaga trying to figure how to fix that dictionary.

  • Thanks so much! I'll definitely bookmark this site to My Favorites!

  • Thats all well and good. fixing OE spell checker to English (US). but I require English (australian)spell checker does anyone know how to fix this?  

  • For those who want to keep their language (get it back?) here is what I did.  (I am not a tech!)

    I uninstalled my new Office Product (Home and Student 2007) using a Restore Point in my Windows XP Home.

    This left me needing to re-install /re-activate my Microsoft Works 2006 and after I did this I found on my Programs List the Office Language Settings Option to set my Default Language to English Canada.

    Then when I re-installed The Microsoft Office H & S 2007 > Custom and Keep Old Product it remembered the Default language.  (Down side??? It kept the old version of Word 2002 but since I liked it anyway not an issue for me  :-) )

    I hope that made sense and would work for others.  

    This advice is at your own risk as only you know your computer  :-(

  • p.s. to last message:

    It appears I have both Microsoft Word 2002 (from the Works Suite 2006) and also from the Programs list I can choose to use the new version of Word that came with the Office H & S 2007.  It takes a minute to Configure to use Word 2007 product but it is there  :-)

  • THANK  YOU !  We have been trying to correct this problem and nothing worked until this. Thank you, thank you.

  • Excellent!

    But now I have American spellings, which keeps getting tripped up by my BRITISH spellings!

    How do I get English (U.K.) into OE?

  • How do I get OE to check spelling in BRITISH English?

    I have run the program from http://www.snapfiles.com/download/dlspelloe.html

    but this puts only an English (U.S.) dictionary into OE...

  • After completing an installation of Office 2007 Enterprise at the office I went into Outlook Express

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