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Writing your First Driver for Windows !

Writing your First Driver for Windows !

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It would be useful to install Windows Driver Kit, Visual Studio Package and Windows Debugger tools on your machine for driver development. You can download all the required tools from MSDN.

If you are new to driver development for Windows, it is advisable to go through examples provided at Windows Driver Framework MSDN website.

Windows Driver Framework allows you to create drivers on User Mode Driver Framework (UMDF) or Kernel Mode Driver Framework (KMDF).

"Hello World" type driver samples are provided for UMDF and KMDF and will help you get jump started. I would recommend that you go through these samples to get yourself familiar with process of driver development for Windows.

Windows drivers must have an information (INF) file in order to be installed. An INF file is a text file that contains all the information (Driver name and location, Driver version information and Registry information) that the device installation components must have in order to install a driver. More information on Windows "INF"ormation files can be found here.

You can debug your driver using Windows Debugger (or its variants). There are standard debugging techniques that you can utilize to find and analyze the root cause of your issue in your driver. 

MSDN provides tons of samples / documentation that you can utilize for your driver development.

NT Insider (published by OSR) is a good journal on Driver Development.

Generally, the ramp up time for driver development is greater than application development, so give yourself some time and have some patience.

Hope this helps!

Good Luck on your driver writing journey.


- Dhaval Shah.

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  • Thank you for writing this up, that was helpful.

    Any tips on how to simplify debugging ?

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