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Windows 8 shortcut keys, productive uses

Windows 8 shortcut keys, productive uses

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Here are the productive uses of windows 8 and short cut keys

  1. Close an app: put your mouse courser upper corner. You will see a hand symbol, then drag it to the bottom corner. (same for touch)
  2. Open charm: window + c or put your mouse on upper right corner or for touch mode swipe it from right corner
  3. Open setting on any app (for desktop, any apps, start screen)  :  window + I (or select it from charm bar)
  4. Open app bar: window + z or right mouse click or for touch mode swipe it from bottom corner.
  5. Toggle apps in start page: window + tab
  6. Toggle apps between desktop and start screen app: alt + tab
  7. Common administrative and power user tasks: window + x
  8. Search something: go to 'Start' page and type your search keyword.

Again search is divided in three different category.

A. App search (window + q)

B. Settings ( window + w)

C. File ( window + f)

Search is a big improvement area in windows 8. I like it so much. Example: type 'control panel', you will see it under app.  Again type 'Printer' you will see lot of options under settings. Open a apps like 'Wikipedia'. If you want search some topic  press window + Q. And start typing your keyword. Note all the your previous search keywords are still persisted for this apps.


  1. Extend monitor/ duplicate: window + p
  2. Toggles between the Start screen and the foremost running app (windows 8 style app) or the Windows Desktop: window
  3. Display Share charm: window + h
  4. Print Option: From 'Charm' bar select device. You can see all of your listed printers.
  5. Switch to the Windows desktop and launch Windows Explorer : window + E
  6. Switch to the Windows desktop and launch the nth shortcut in the Windows taskbar: window + 1/ window +2 etc
  7. Give the name of Group of apps: right click on the group and name the group.
  8. Can view open apps on going upper left hand side corner
  9. Directly go to desktop on going bottom left hand side corner
  10. Open network connectivity/ power / brightness/ volume option from desktop using window + i
  11. Cool features in calendar / mail / people apps. Now I can add multiple mail account on the same. Can get notification and reminder from all of them.
  12. Swaps foreground between the snapped and filled apps : window + j
  13. Display Connect charm : window + k
  14. Lock PC and return to Lock screen: window + L
  15. Minimize the selected Explorer window : window + M
  16. Toggle orientation switching on slate and tablet PCs : window + O
  17. Switch to the Windows desktop and display the Run box :  window + R
  18. Launches Narrator : Window + enter
  19. Switch input language and keyboard layout :  window + spacebar
  20. Aero snap : window + arrow keys
  21. Show desktop temporarily :  window + ,
  22. Moves open app or start screen to a connected monitor to the left : window + page up
  23. Moves open app or start screen to a connected monitor to the right :  window + page down
  24. Docks current app to left, right, or centre of screen:  window + shift + .
  25. Bird eye view of all apps in start screen : go to bottom right hand corner and click ‘-‘


Here is the more detail uses guidance and keyboard shortcuts:


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  • I do not want to use a bunch of 'shortcut keys'... why are you trying to kill my mouse?  I like my mouse!  If you want touch--fine--use touch.  But I will use my mouse.  Dang!  Why not set it up so the cursor is the finger.  No Button pressed on the mouse, nothing happens.  Press the left button, that is your finger pressing down.  Do whatever you can do with a touch screen.  But I don't have to use a touch screen!  Easy!  I wish I knew how to write a mouse app--it would be great for all the touchy-feely-want-everything-touchy peoples. :)  Enjoy.

  • Great information

  • Thanks for sharing

  • It is great that win8 have all kind of gesture support

  • most of the short cuts are same as win 7

  • There is a excellent mouse support for win8 as well. Already we have couple of track pad and mouse only target for win 8. It supports most of the touch gestures as in win 8.

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