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February, 2010

  • Diego Vega

    What would you like to see in Entity Framework vNext?


    With Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 very close to RTM, many of us in the team are spending more and more time brainstorming about the features and experiences that we would like to include in the next release of EF. I don’t think I need to tell how exciting that is :)

    During the development of the first two versions, one of the main sources of customer feedback has been the bugs and suggestions in Microsoft Connect. Up until now, whenever you filed a bug in Microsoft Connect for Entity Framework, it would typically take a couple of days for it to be routed to our own area in out internal TFS database. But today I heard the good news that we are getting our own page in Microsoft Connect!

    This will not only make our feedback channel more agile, but over time it will also make it possible for you to find all the feedback related to Entity Framework in a single place, and more easily vote for the features and capabilities that you care the most about.

    Looking forward for hearing from you!


  • Diego Vega

    Entity Framework and Data Services Teams are Hiring


    Just a quick note on this: Our team is hiring!

    If you think you have the skills and the will to improve how developers around the world deal with data in their applications, then this is a great opportunity to be in the forefront of the industry and also to become part of a nice group of geeks :)

    Click here and here to read the descriptions of the positions available, both in the role of Software Design Engineer in Test.

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