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  • Blog Post: Sample Entity Framework Provider for Oracle now Available

    This new sample builds on top of System.Data.OracleClient and showcases some techniques a provider writer targeting databases different from SQL Server can use. The code is not meant for production, just a sample directed to provider writers. It has also a few limitations related both to SP1 beta bits...
  • Blog Post: Entity Framework Sample Provider Updated for SP1 Beta

    Just to get the news out: The updated version of the Entity Framework Sample Provider that is compatible with .NET 3.5 SP1 Beta is now available in our Code Gallery page . From the description: The Sample Provider wraps System.Data.SqlClient and demonstrates the new functionality an ADO.NET Provider...
  • Blog Post: A different kind of sample

    Samir, a developer in the Data Programmability Team started blogging today . He also published a sample application with a unique feature: It can switch between Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL for persistence. He actually uses a Strategy Pattern (my beloved one) to isolate the business logic from the...
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