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  • Blog Post: Exposing EDM and database server functions to LINQ

    Alex published today a description Colin and I wrote on a new feature the team has been working on for LINQ to Entities. Beyond all technicalities, it is a very simple and attribute-based way of exposing any arbitrary server-side function to LINQ. It goes beyond what LINQ to SQL does with SqlMethods...
  • Blog Post: Colin explains a simple LINQ to Relational materializer

    Just a short note about this: You can find his article here . I had the chance to see his presentation before he went to DevConnections in Orlando. Very much recommended stuff!
  • Blog Post: Some differences between ESQL and LINQ to Entities capabilities

    John Papa asks in my comments about some differences among the two query languages. Let's start from the beginning: What is almost the same Updatable queries: Neither LINQ to Entities nor ESQL currently enclose a real Data Manipulation Language. However, both can return tracked entities that...
  • Blog Post: Choosing an Entity Framework API

    Last month, a question was asked in the ADO.NET Prerelease forum that went more or less like this: Considering that there are many APIs you can use (Entity SQL, ObjectQuery<T>, LINQ to Entities), is there any guidance that could help me decide when to use each? The best I could do based...
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