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  • Blog Post: Jarek publishes his excellent Entity Framework POCO Adapter

    I have been back from vacation for some time but I haven't had time to post anything (i.e. I was on vacation the day Entity Framework went RTM in .NET 3.5 SP1!). Finally, something happened that I cannot wait to talk about. Jarek and I went discussing how persistence ignorant classes could be supported...
  • Blog Post: Then, should I write a data access layer or not?

    Danny and I appear to be giving inconsistent advice on this regard in our recent weekend posts: Danny: More about how to fit the ObjectContext into apps Diego: Unit Testing your Entity Framework Domain Classes In reality, I think we had different scenarios in mind. Danny is talking about...
  • Blog Post: Unit Testing Your Entity Framework Domain Classes

    Technorati Tags: Entity Framework , TDD One interesting question customers that are TDD practitioners usually ask is how to do unit testing with the Entity Framework using mock objects. That is, testing only the domain logic part of the model, without ever touching persistence logic or round-tripping...
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