I had a question posted by Derek about P12's schedule and availability.

First, Project is on the Office 12 schedule. We don't ship until Office 12 ships.

Beta 1 is scheduled for the end of this year. It is a closed beta = by invitation only.

Beta 2 is an open beta (i.e., sign up somewhere on Microsoft.Com and download the beta). Beta 2 will be Q1 next year.

General Availability is by end of year 2006.

Yes, I know these are vague "dates." Hopefully, they are exactly what Jeff Raikes, Bill Gates, Steven Sinofsky have already said. If my dates are different, refer to Jeff/Bill/Steven dates (-:) The marketing folks will release official dates as we get closer to RTM.

Internally, of course, we have much more precise dates. We are currently working hard on Beta 1. So far, things are looking good and we are hitting our glidepath.