I am back up for air!

I just spent the past 7 days and about 100 hours (yes, it was an insane week) pulling together a demo for the P12 Airlift. The Airlift is an event for folks participating in our Technical Adoption Program for P12. You can consider it a warm-up for the January (February in Europe) Project Conference. We have about 200 partners and customers here in Redmond (just across from the offices of the Proj product team).

While I am exhausted from the last week, I am thrilled with P12. How come?

1. The scope of this release continues to amaze me. I filled a 30 minute demo and literally touched on MAYBE 20% of the new stuff in this product. Look at the desktop or web client or server and you see new features everywhere.

2. The features in the release continue to resonate with customers and partners. Folks agree with our priorities ... even if they still have some features that they would like us to do in P14. Hey, we need job security, too!

3. The state of builds is pretty damn good given that we are about a month out from locking down for Beta 1. Most of the features work in any build that you pick up. Where I ran into bugs in setting up my demo, folks on the team already knew about them. Do I wish things were even more stable? Sure. But given the scope of this release, we are looking good.

A few features that generated spontaneous applause in the demo: Multi-Level Undo, Recalc Change Highlighting, Server-Side Project Updates

Give me a couple of days to recover from the demo push and I will post more on the PSI (Project Server Interface) and Server Side Events.