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This blog contains my personal thoughts and opinions about project management and the next release of the greatest project management tool on earth, Microsoft Project 12.

October, 2005

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    Beta 1

    We are hard at work finishing up Beta 1. Beta 1 is a closed, by invitation only "technical" beta. I am feeling reasonably good about the Beta. I would like to take another 4+ weeks to fix bugs. But it is important to get feedback on the feature set as...
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    Server-Side Custom Fields

    With Project Server 12, we really wanted to expand the range of our reporting functionality. A key strength of the Project EPM Solution is the ability to define key fields for projects, resources, tasks, or assignments and then enforce use of those fields...
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    Server Side Scheduling

    As we begin each product cycle, we take a look at customer feedback from users of the prior version + folks in our Beta program. With Project 2002 and 2003, customers were fairly unanimous in wanting to eliminate the "round-tripping" of actuals through...
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    Built on WSS

    When we began P12, we started with thinking how we could improve performance and scalability, move Project Server extensibility to a "standard" Microsoft toolset, and take some of the complexity out of configuring Project Server farms. After about 6 months...
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    Project 12 expands the range of, reports supported on Project Server ... and greatly simplifies the process of building reports on Project Server. Let's start with Project Server 12's database architecture. Project Server 12 has four databases: Working...
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