We are hard at work finishing up Beta 1. Beta 1 is a closed, by invitation only "technical" beta. I am feeling reasonably good about the Beta. I would like to take another 4+ weeks to fix bugs. But it is important to get feedback on the feature set as it stands.

In any case, my post rate has slowed down as we do daily "triage" of bugs for Beta 1 and wrap up our planning for Beta 2. I apologize if the content has been a bit stale. I have a couple of ideas for posts including more info on the "Active Cache" (final naming is TBD) feature for Project Pro I/O and how to use webparts with Project Server.

I have been receiving a few questions from folks re product evaluations and support questions. Where I can quickly fire off an answer to your question, I will respond. For longer, more complex questions, I will unfortunately not be able to help out much ... there are just not enough hours in the day (as I wrap up another 14 hour work day!). MVPs in the Proj community and Product Support are great sources of info for the current versions of Proj. For those of you in the Project 12 Beta program, BetaPlace is also a good source of info.