We are just a bit more than 12 hours away from the start of the Project Conference. This is definitely the coming out party for Project 12 ... though this year's conference also includes some great Project 2003 sessions and a number of sessions focused on best practices in project management (no "tools" focus). I saw some of Mike Anguilo's keynote demo and it looks great. It is amazing to see how far the product has come since the P12 Airlift back in September.

From an "in the trenches" perspective, we have spent the past 3+ months focused on finding and fixing bugs. While you can never completely shut the door on adding new features, we have largely held the line on adding scope and put our horsepower behind increasing and improving stability.

After spending the past 2 - 3 weeks working on demos with Project Professional, I like what I see. Stability is good in virtually all areas ... though we have lots of room for improvement. While we are not publicly sharing our RTM dates, it is safe to say that we have several months ahead of us dedicated to improving stability and performance. P12 will have the longest stabilization period of any recent Project release.

Our first Project Technical Briefing (in 2002 I think) had about 200 attendees. We are expecting close to 1500 attendees at this year's conference. It is great to see the interest and excitement in Project grow. I hope to see or run into you over the next few days. For those of you not attending, I will be posting to the blog over the next few days.