Tuesday is an overview day. We wanted to help folks get a high-level understanding of the scope of improvements in P12. It is a massive release.

Here are a few recommendations re sessions at Tuesday's Project Conference:

- Mike Anguilo KeyNote (8:15, Grand Ballroom): Mike will do a whirlwind tour of P12 plus possibly have a few interesting announcements. Yea, it's early but with nearly 30 days of continuous rain in Seattle you stop really paying attention to whether its morning or evening.

- Project Server Architecture (11:15, Grand Ballroom): Patrick does a good job of giving you an easy to digest overview of all the great new features in Project Server 12. If you are interested in Project EPM, this is a cannot miss session.

- PSI Overview (2, Cascade): Ameya and Phil will give you the details on Project Server's new programmability story. While I think P12 has great features in every direction, I believe that perhaps the biggest story is around the programmability provided in Project Server 12.

- Timesheet Overview (3:30, Grand Ballroom): David will provide you an overview of the "new for P12" time tracking solution. You gave us ... feedback on time tracking in Project 2003. Attend this session and let me know if you think that we heard you.