The Grand Ballroom at the Westin was PACKED for Mike's keynote this morning at The Project Conference. I am not sure how we are going to fit more people for SteveB's keynote on Thursday.

Mike showed off the work in Project Pro on the local (aka active) cache with a couple of Pro over WAN demos. Project 12 is fast over WANs ... even with 100+ sec latency and large projects. Multi-level Undo in Project drew the biggest applause. Mike's session and Keshav's P12 overview had so much content that I think folks were overwhelmed with information.

I talked to a bunch of folks about the new server-side scheduling engine. Folks seemed really interested in how they could use this feature to capture operations and maintenance work going on in their organization.

All in all, it was a great start to The Project Conference. Tommorow is "drill-down" day. We have a ton of sessions that go deep into P12 and Project Server.

My picks:

PO230: Managing Programs = P12 has made some huge improvements in this area.

DC210: Configuring Project Server = Set-up and install have changed significantly and for the better. This session will definitely raise the odds that you will get Project Server installed and working.

D310: Events & Workflow = This is quite possibly one of the BIGGEST improvements in P12. The addition of eventing and a built-in workflow engine really expands the types of solutions that can be built on Project Server. IMO, no other solution on the market will provide the flexibility and development tool support for custom biz process (in the project mgmt market) as Project 12.

PMP310: EPM Reporting = Project Server 12 is a much more performant, richer, and easier to integrate reporting platform. For many customers, reports and improved visibility are the reason driving EPM deployments. P12 enables better reports to be generated with far less effort.