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Welcome to my personal technical blog. I'm Dina, a Program Manager II, MSFT.

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  • Blog Post: Filtering on an Indexed field in a large list counts recycle bin items

    This is a behavior I thought I'd point out, in case anybody is running into it without knowing the reason, as it may not be intuitive... :-) If you have an indexed field and are filtering by it, but it doesn't work even though you are positive the list doesn't have more than 5k (or whatever you set...
  • Blog Post: Temporarily disabling List View Threshold on a large list

    I made a post on the official blog of the Microsoft SharePoint Product Group about how to temporarily disable the large list "List View Threshold" feature on a large list. The post talks about your options for performing throttled operations on large lists, and why you might need to (for example - right...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint: Performance Effect of Totals on Views

    I just wrote a post on the performance effect of Totals on views on Get The Point SharePoint Blog . Please take a look: Dina
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