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May, 2004

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    Testing Fiber Mode

    Testing Fiber Mode Fiber mode is one of the interesting new features we’ve done in hosting. Fiber support in .NET comes up as a common question too. I’d like to give an overview of what we’ve done to test fiber mode to ensure that you’ll get a good...
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    .NET Trivia

    Here’s a fun piece of .NET trivia involving thread aborts and exception handling. What does the following code do? And why does it do it? using System; using System.Threading; class TATest { public static void Main (string ...
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    Inaugural Blog

    Welcome to my blog. Yes, that’s right; you’re reading YAIB (Yet another Inaugural Blog). So, who am I, and why should you care? My name is Robert “Dino” Viehland (as in everyone calls me Dino, except for people who knew me in high school or before...
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