WinFX (Indigo & Avalon) documentation is live

WinFX (Indigo & Avalon) documentation is live

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As part of the March Community Technology Preview Edition, MSDN is now hosting the documentation for WinFX - go look at

From an Indigo perspective this is the first comprehensive documentation set showing the direction for Indigo V1, including a good introductory set of coding samples. Clearly there will be a good degree of change as we incorporate fixes and feedback but this is the direction that we're headed in.

Now reading about it is all well and good but what you really want is the binaries. You'd have to assume that they can't be far behind (hint, hint).

For those who care about carrying forward their existing COM+ investments, be sure to check out and give feedback on the Integrating "Indigo" with COM+ Applications topic and feature. That is where I get very involved.

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