Indigo Beta 1 platform hotfixes complete the functionality...

Indigo Beta 1 platform hotfixes complete the functionality...

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The WinFX runtime and SDK are now posted but we are still hooking up a couple of pieces that you will be directed towards when you reach the end of setup. The Setup Complete screen will report the following:

To ensure Microsoft "Indigo" Beta 1 RC features work correctly, it is highly recommended that you install hot fixes from here. Hot fixes might require a reboot of your computer after installation.

These platfom hot fixes are required to enable some of the features that are new for Indigo Beta 1. These features include queued channel support (leveraging MSMQ) and web service transaction support. The direct links to the hotfixes are included in release notes (installed to %WINDOWS%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50215\Microsoft Avalon and Indigo Beta 1 RC\WinFxKnownIssues.rtf or online here) with the following text:

Issue:  Windows Hot Fixes Required on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 in Order to Use "Indigo" Queues, WS-AtomicTransaction and "Indigo" COM+ Integration Web Service Transaction Functionality
Details: The "Indigo" Queues, WS-AtomicTransaction support and "Indigo" COM+ Integration web service transaction functionality will not work on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 without the installation of the appropriate hot fixes:
For "Indigo" Queues please install the MSMQ hot fix package from
For "Indigo" COM+ Integration and WS-AtomicTransaction support, please install the COM+ hot fix package from

These hotfix packages are being completed as I write and the links should be live within a few days. There is a LOT of other stuff to play with till then.

From a COM+ Integration feature perspective, the web service transaction support, when available, will provide for transaction coordination of COM+ applications from any compatible web service app. An "Indigo" or third party client will be able to coordinate a suitably configured (but not modified) COM+ application together with other web service transaction aware endpoints. This is a good thing and should be available for you to try within a few days.

  • The hyperlinks don't go anywhere...
  • Yeah, I just clarified the text to note that these are still a few days out. The feature work is all done and we are well into the packaging and posting stages for these hotfixes.
  • I'll post a sample using the functionality later this week.
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  • Now, both of the promised hotfixes for Indigo are finally available:

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