May, 2006

Doug Mahugh

Microsoft Interoperability Team
  • Doug Mahugh

    Bangalore GTSC

    I came across an interesting video on Channel 9 today: an interview with Mandar Naik about the growth of Microsoft's Global Technical Support Center in Bangalore . Coincidentally, I was in Bangalore for an Office developer workshop in March, and had a chance to tour the brand-new building being constructed for the GTSC. Pali, the local developer evangelist, drove me over there on his scooter and we looked around. I snapped a few pictures -- that's Pali in the pool shot, in the break room at the...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Tour of the Office Open XML draft spec

    I recently mentioned on this blog that the Ecma TC45 committee had released Working Draft 1.3 of the Office Open XML Document Interchange Specification. Today, I'd like to give a little more information about what's covered and how it's organized. It's an intimidating document — over 4,000 pages — but it's much more polished and accessible than the version I wrote about on last month. Brian Jones's Blog Brian Jones has posted some great information about the draft spec...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Office 2007 Beta 2: now available!

    The long-awaited Beta 2 build of Office 2007 is now available, as of 9:00AM PDT today. Get all the details here. It's a public beta, so anyone can sign up and download a copy. For system requirements and Beta 2 installation tips, click here . For developers, you'll also want to get the VSTO V3 CTP that works with Beta 2, which is also available as of today. Here's where to get it. If you're doing development around the Office Open XML file formats, you'll want to install the February CTP...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Smart Skin and Office 2007

    One of my favorite blogs is Sviokla's Context . The author, former Harvard professor John Sviokla, has a unique perspective on technology-related business issues. His interesting posts often turn conventional wisdom upside-down, and he illustrates his points with real-world examples. No theoretical pontificating, just acute observation of what's really going on in business these days. There's a new post on John's blog today entitled "How Smart is Your Skin? Information as an Organizational Problem...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Office 2007 at the movies

    Yesterday the Office 2007 evangelism team sponsored an outing to Crossroads movie theater in Bellevue. Everyone from DPE, plus a few other Office-related folks, were invited to attend the new movie "The Da Vinci Code," and before the movie started we did a demo of some of the coolest features of Office 2007 that allow developers to merge the worlds of data and documents. It was fun to demo Office on a huge movie-theater screen! First Don Campbell showed off how easily the Office clients can be...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Office 2007 Posts

    I've recently started this MSDN blog, for covering Office 2007 separate from my personal blog . But I've posted a bunch of Office 2007 items on the personal blog since the first of the year, and I'd like to keep that content with this site going forward. So the following is a list of links to posts on my personal blog that contain information of potential use to those interested in learning more about Office 2007. Enjoy! 1/3/06: What's Sharepoint . A introductory look at the most basic concepts...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Office 2007 Beta 2 Search

    When you install Beta 2 of Office 2007 (and I assume you will, just as soon as it's publicly available!), you'll need to install Beta 3.0 of Windows Desktop Search. The search functionality in Outlook uses Windows Desktop Search, and it rocks, but it's a separate install. Outlook will nag you until you install it, and a link is provided to download it, but if you want to get your ducks in a row before you get the beta, you can download Windows Desktop Search Beta 3.0 from here . After you install...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Kate Wolf Wins a Telly

    A few of my colleagues have put together something a little different: Office Noir , a cartoon about Office 2007 development features. It features a sassy private detective named Kate Wolf who uses Office technology to solve cases. Excel Services co-starred in the first episode , and the RibbonX interface makes an appearance in the second episode . More episodes are in the works, and those who know the Office evangelism team may find it interesting to guess whose voice plays several of the parts...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Office Compatibility Pack

    Mark Pregen sent me an email yesterday ... In your blog, you say " The converters for Office XP and Office 2003 will be available when Beta 2 becomes publicly available, and they’ll be a free download ." It's publicly available now ... where do we get these converters? Good question, Mark. You can get them right here . Install the Compatibility Pack and you'll be able to read and write the new Office Open XML file formats from Office XP or Office 2003.
  • Doug Mahugh

    New content on

    With the release of Office 2007 Beta 2 and publication of a working draft of the Ecma spec for Office Open XML, there has been a lot of excitement in the Open XML community this week. There is also some great new content on the site this week, including an example of how to generate a Word table from a data source and Trang Luu's handy custom UI editor. Head on over to and check it out!
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