December, 2006

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  • Doug Mahugh

    Finding WindowsBase.dll

    OK, what's the deal with WindowsBase.dll? It's the dll where the System.IO.Packaging API lives, and you have to add a reference to it in your project before you can use the packaging API. And it's never there at the end of the .NET tab on my "Add Reference" dialog. For example, here's my list , which ends with VsWebSite.Interop. So I have to manually browse to the dll, as shown to the right. Is it me? I did some searching on-line, and I don't think it is. Hai has the same problem, Dave has...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Images in Open XML documents

    Images are one of the basic elements of a document, and the use of images in documents continues to grow. Just a few years ago, it was relatively uncommon to have an image in a word-processing document, and downright rare to see one in a spreadsheet. Now images are commonplace in all types of documents, and they've become an expected component of professional-looking business documents. As Brian Jones has explained on his blog , it's pretty easy to embed an image in a WordprocessingML document...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Vive la Révolution Open XML

    What a week! First we had Novell's announcement of Open XML support in OpenOffice , which came just after a similar announcement of plans for Open XML support in Corel's Wordperfect Office X3 suite . And then the really big news we've all been waiting for, approval of Office Open XML as a worldwide standard by the Ecma General Assembly. Brian Jones has the details on his blog , and there's also a list of quotes in support of the standard on the OpenXmlDeveloper site. And while all of this was...
  • Doug Mahugh

    SpreadsheetML documents in a browser

    Muthu Kumar Arjunan has posted the second article in his series on XSL transformation of SpreadsheetML data over on . This article looks at how to generated a paginated set of documents (HTML pages) from a large spreadsheet, using XSLT. Here are links to the two articles: XSL transformation of SpreadsheetML to HTML -- Part 1 XSL transformation of Spreadsheet ML to HTML (with Paging) – Part 2 If you're implementing Open XML solutions in a heterogenuous environment with non...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Searching Open XML documents

    Searching documents for text strings is a common task in many type of applications. And there are many possible variations on this simple concept: whether to search the body of the document or its metadata, whether to restrict your search to specific document types or document sections, and so on. At its core, however, all of these search scenarios have the same basic objective: iterate through all nodes of a particular type, and check whether those nodes contain the string we're looking for. ...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Open XML in Estonia

    At the launch of Office/Vista/Exchange (LOVE, get it?) in Estonia 10 days ago, Microsoft Student Partner Kristjan Kongo gave a presentation on Open XML and showed off some demos of the kinds of developer opportunities that Open XML offers. Thanks for plugging the OpenXmlDeveloper site on your desktop, Kristjan! The Estonian launch event also featured Tanel Padar , Estonia's most famous rock singer, performing Queen's anthem "We Will Rock You" for a big crowd, complete with fireworks. I wasn't...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Backgrounds in WordprocessingML

    Part 3 (Primer) and Part 4 (Markup Language Reference) of the Ecma Office Open XML spec have many XML markup examples that demonstrate various concepts. Pasting those samples into a minimal test document is a good way to learn about how Open XML works. When I first tried to do this for the document background sample that appears in Part 4 (§2.1.1), however, I ran into a little problem. Here's what it says in the spec: That seems pretty clear. The only problem is, it didn't actually seem to...
  • Doug Mahugh

    New blog look

    I've rolled out a new look and new structure for this blog today. The goal was to make it more readable and usable, and to refine the scope a bit. In the past I've covered various Office developer topics, but going forward I'll be focused 100% on Open XML, so I felt that required a few structural changes. Here's one thing I learned that I'll pass on to others who are on Community Server blog platforms: not all skins are created equal. Specifically, I mean that different skins ("themes") have different...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Wrapping up 2006

    I'm taking a few days off for the New Year celebration, and I hope you are too. The work will still be there next week, I'm sure. Meanwhile, here are a couple of links that Open XML developers may find interesting during this otherwise quiet week ... Peking University recently released a program to convert between ODF and China's UOF format. This and the rapidly growing ODF Translator Project are enabling conversion between various formats that allows users to choose based on features without...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Rsids explained

    There's an interesting post on Brian Jones's blog today about how rsids work in Open XML documents . The use of rsids provides a simple and flexible mechanism for merging changes two users make to the same document, and if you've looked inside many Open XML documents you've seen rsdis all over the place. They're used to identify "batches" of changes to text, styles, properties, and many other elements. If you're writing code that modifies existing documents, you may want to implement rsids...
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