February, 2007

Doug Mahugh

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  • Doug Mahugh

    Monarch: a product for breaking into your own data

    One Open XML implementation that I find interesting for a variety of reasons is the new release of Monarch V9 from Datawatch. Brian Jones blogged about it today. This product has been around quite a while, and I took a good look at it back in 1991 when it first shipped. It's sort of funny, I remember reading about Monarch the first time and thinking "whoa, this product will be bad for business!" I'll explain ... At that time, I was a consultant in Chicago and one of my clients was a major insurance...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Open XML links for 02-25-2007

    I'm back home after a week on the road, with lots of interesting work to finish up and an overflowing in-box to attend to. But first things first: I went through all my RSS feeds this evening, and here are a few items that may be of interest to Open XML developers ... Digital Signatures Wouter Van Vugt has a great post on how to work with digital signatures in Open XML . The basic concepts are simple: you can sign any list of parts or relationships in a document, and a document can contain...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Night photos of Sydney

    I'm having a very busy week and may not get a chance to post anything here, so I thought I'd share a few photos instead. These were taken Monday night around midnight, in the Circular Quay area ...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Open letter on Open XML

    There's an open letter to the community on the Microsoft interop site today that acknowledges some of the tactics that have been used to try to limit choice in document formats lately. As the letter says: When ODF was under consideration, Microsoft made no effort to slow down the process because we recognized customers’ interest in the standardization of document formats. In sharp contrast, during the initial one-month period for consideration of Open XML in ISO/IEC JTC1, IBM led a global campaign...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Open XML links for 02-13-2007

    I'm having a super-busy week, so I'll let others do the talking for a change ... I just learned from Brian Jones's blog that Sun has announced they're working on adding SpreadsheetML support to OpenOffice's Calc spreadsheet program. (If you'd rather read about this news in French, check out Julien Chable's blog .) A new article on the OpenXmlDeveloper web site covers how to display the text contents of the slides from a PresentationML document in a web page. It's a simple example, source code...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Converting Office documents to Open XML

    XML-based file formats have been getting a lot of attention lately, but the vast majority of business documents worldwide are still in the binary Microsoft Office formats: DOC, XLS and PPT. And that will still be true for quite a while, because there is such a huge volume of Office documents in use that they can't all be converted overnight. in this post, I'm going to cover some of the options for converting those binary documents to Open XML. Converting Individual Documents For an individual...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Andy Updegrove's Indian Fantasy

    This morning, in my usual routine, I sipped a cup of coffee while reading the latest news around the Open XML file formats. I have a few blogs I follow regularly , and I also usually do a few searches to see what has been written in various media. The 30- day contradiction comment period for Open XML just came to a close this week, so there were several new articles and blog posts about the continuing ISO standards process. (For those who don't know, the contradiction comment period is when the...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Linux Asia Open XML Workshop

    Friday I was one of the presenters at the Linux Asia 2007 Open XML workshop. This event took place at Delhi's India Habitat Centre, and it gave me a chance to hear some new perspectives on Open XML and file formats in general. We had about 30 attendees, including students and teachers, government elites and tech-sector people, and -- of course -- Linux developers. Mr. M. Moni, the head of India's e-Government Standards Committee, kicked off the event by saying "it is both strange and welcome to...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Open XML Translator 1.0 available

    Version 1.0 of the Open XML translator project is now available on SourceForge. Here are links for the download and more information: Download the translator: http://sourceforge.net/projects/odf-converter Official announcement: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2007/jan07/02-01OpenXMLPR.mspx Translator team blog: http://odf-converter.sourceforge.net/blog/index.php?2007/02/02/17-release-10-now-available Brian Jones's blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/brian_jones...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Implementing document-format specifications

    A few folks have pointed out that implementing every detail of the Office Open XML specification would be very difficult. And that's certainly true -- implementing 100% of a document-format specification is a daunting task. A good example of the complexity of this task can be found in the Intel-sponsored ODF test suite developed by the University of Central Florida. In the Summary section, you'll find links to over 300 specific issues regarding partial or missing implementation of ODF in OpenOffice...
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