April, 2007

Doug Mahugh

Microsoft Interoperability Team
  • Doug Mahugh

    May cooler heads prevail

    I've blogged a bit recently about the ugly tone of some of the tactics that have been used in the document-formats debate. Now today comes welcome news of a more reasonable and level-headed approach. Datuk Dr. Mohamad Ariffin Aton, the chief executive of Sirim Bhd, which assists Malaysia's Department of Standards in standards development processes, has decided to suspend the evaluation process for a proposal to mandate ODF as the one and only Malaysian document format standard. He said that some...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Munich train-the-trainer event

    The Open XML train-the-trainer event at Munich's Kempinski Hotel this week has been a great chance to meet new friends (and a couple of old friends) from a bunch of countries all in one place at one time. We have attendees here from Hungary , Croatia, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Russia, Lithuania, Romania, and Germany, and they'll all be giving Open XML workshops in their regions in the months ahead. The Kempinski is a great place for an event like this, because it's located...
  • Doug Mahugh

    DIS ballot period for Ecma 376/DIS 29500

    Ecma International has announced that they've heard from the JTC 1 Secretariat that Office Open XML has moved to the next phase of the ISO/IEC standards process. This phase, known as the DIS ballot period, will include detailed review of any technical questions and comments within the technical committees of all the nations involved in the standards process. From the Ecma announcement : “Ecma International welcomes the continuation of the ISO/IEC DIS 29500 process for Ecma-376: Office Open...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Open XML workshops in Belgium and Slovenia

    What a week! I've had the opportunity to discuss Open XML with developers, journalists, and government workers in several European countries, and it's been a very useful and informative 2-way dialog. I showed a bunch of people what Open XML can do and how it works, and a bunch of people showed me how people are using Open XML and what they'd like to see in the future from Microsoft regarding Open XML tools, policies and other topics. Thanks for all the great feedback, which I'll pass it on to all...
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