February, 2008

Doug Mahugh

Microsoft Interoperability Team
  • Doug Mahugh

    DIS29500 BRM: the final day

    Today is the last day of the DIS29500 BRM, and I've just arrived at the convention center. It's been a long week, and a great experience for me; I'm looking forward to talking about it a bit more in the future. I've learned a lot, heard many interesting opinions and perspectives, and I've finally met in person some of the people I feel I know so well through their blogs: Jesper Lund Stocholm, Yoon Kit, Tim Bray and Bob Sutor, just to name a few. I'm really tempted to burn my suit at 5PM today...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Relaxing in Geneva

    After another long day, a massage, a meal, and a walk, I'm going to sleep like a ton of bricks. Tonight I think I can get in six straight hours. Whee ... zzzzzz.
  • Doug Mahugh

    That BRM rumor you've heard? It's true

    Yes indeed, I'm wearing a suit every day ...
  • Doug Mahugh

    More Geneva Photos

    I didn't get out to CERN after all (they're closed on Sunday, and I didn't think it was worth a vist to snap a picture from outside the fence), but it was a beautiful day in Geneva today and I took a walk around town and snapped a few hundred pictures. A few favorites are posted below. Pigeons are dirty and ugly, and swans are beautiful. Everyone knows that, right? The BRM starts in just 12 hours! It will be great to see so many friends and colleagues there, and it will also be great to finally...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Geneva photos

    I said in my last post that I'd try to post some photos from Geneva, and here are a few so far. I'm here for the weekend, so I'll post some more on Sunday as well; I'm hoping to get out to CERN to shoot the Moiree Globe at the birthplace of the internet, among other things. There are a few themes I come back to again and again when I take photos, which are reflected in the shots below. For example, one of my favorite themes is pigeons. They can be found in a very wide variety of locales, and I...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Open XML links for 02-20-2008

    Patrick Durusau speaks out again. I'm glad to see that Patrick Durusau is continuing to share publicly his thoughts on document formats. His latest post is on the topic of Co-Evolving OpenXML and OpenDocument Format , and Gray Knowlton has some interesting commentary about how Patrick's view compares to the public statements that others have made on this topic recently. Biztalk and Open XML. BizTalk is a powerful tool for XML-based integration of disparate business processes, and the Open XML...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Open XML links for 02-18-2008

    Binary documentation and translator project. On Friday Brian Jones covered the availability of the Office binary formats documentation as a free download, as well as the new Office Binary (doc, xls, ppt) Translator to Open XML . Brian also announced availability of freely downloadable documentation for several supporting technologies that may be useful to Open XML developers, including the Windows Compound Binary File Format Specification, Windows Metafile Format (.wmf), and the Ink Serialized Format...
  • Doug Mahugh

    PHPExcel 1.6.0 goes into production

    Maarten Balliauw has a Valentine's Day gift to the PHP community: the production release of PHPExcel 1.6.0 is available today. This release of the PHP library for SpreadsheetML documents includes an improved calculation engine as well as support for named ranges and worksheet references. Here's the list of changes you'll find in version 1.6.0: General: (MB) Work item 3156 - Use PHPExcel datatypes in formula calculation Feature: (MB) Work item 5019 - Center on page when printing Feature...
  • Doug Mahugh

    DOCX support from down under

    Sydney's Aspose Pty Ltd , a developer/publisher of developer components for the .NET and Java platforms, has just released Aspose.Words for .NET 5.0.0 , which includes support for reading and writing Open XML word-processing documents. An eval version is available, and their conformance spreadsheet shows the status of their support for over 1500 details of the DOCX format.
  • Doug Mahugh

    Open XML links for 02-11-2008

    Erika's Office Devcon overview. My brief mention of Office Devcon over the weekend was light on the details, but the ever-thorough Erika Ehrli has all the details, including session times, Open XML booth schedule, and news about the new Open XML developer poster that's available online at MSDN . If you want a full-color copy suitable for wallpapering your office, you can get them from the Open XML booth at ODC, or if you're a Microsoft employee attending TechReady this week, be sure to see one of...
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