March, 2008

Doug Mahugh

Microsoft Interoperability Team
  • Doug Mahugh

    BRM results publicly available

    I see over on Alex Brown's blog that the results of the BRM are publicly available now. There are two documents available from the SC34 web site: Edited Notes of the Meeting (rough notes of the meeting, including resolutions, points raised in discussions, and related comments) Resolutions of the Meeting (subset of the above document, containing only the resolutions that were passed) These documents show the specific resolutions that were passed at the BRM, and are the definitive record...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Being Heard: A Reasonable Man Speaks Out

    In just a couple of hours, I'll be on a call with my fellow members of INCITS V1, the technical committee that has been evaluating ISO/IEC DIS 29500 in the United States. The chair of that committee is Patrick Durusau, a man with a wealth of experience in document standards (the editor of the ODF spec, among other things) who leads V1 by quiet example. Patrick has a new post on his web site that explains his position on DIS 29500: he is recommending its approval as an ISO/IEC standard. His post...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Failed Precondition

    I'm back in the office for the first time since the BRM, and I wanted to take a look at the various conversions on the blogs that have been discussing the BRM. I have no problems reading the threads on Jason's blog, Brian's blog, Oliver's blog, Tim Bray's blog, Yoon Kit's blog, Rob Weir's blog, and many others, but for some reason I can't get to Andy Updegrove's blog from here at Microsoft. I was able to get there from my laptop at my hotel over the weekend, from kiosks at a couple of airports in...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Escape from Geneva

    Like many of the delegates who attended the BRM, I've found my return travel plans this weekend stymied by flight cancellations and delays. I showed up at the Geneva airport at 7:00AM Sunday morning, and when I saw the red flashing "Annule" next to my KLM flight to Amsterdam on the list of flights, I thought things might be off to a bad start. After a quick tour of all the checkin counters to verify that there was no Annule Airlines (hey, my French ain't what it could be), I verified at the KLM counter...
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