March, 2008

Doug Mahugh

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  • Doug Mahugh

    Open XML Resources for Developers

    Like many people, I thought we'd know the official outcome of the DIS 29500 process today, but it looks like we won't hear the official results until after ISO has had a chance to run them by the national bodies who participated in the review of the specification, which according to Reuters will be Wednesday. While we wait, I've been thinking about how much attention this process has been getting, especially in recent months. Back when Ecma submitted the ECMA-376 standard to ISO at the beginning...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Proposed distractions from DIS29500

    Now that we're getting down to the final days of the DIS29500 standards process, it's interesting to see the tactics being used by those who have commercial interests that place them in opposition to this standard. Their tactics have changed quite a bit since the heady days of the DIS ballot period, and the most common tactic I've seen or heard of in recent weeks can be characterized as "changing the subject." It seems that there are people involved in the DIS29500 standards process (many of whom...
  • Doug Mahugh

    What's at stake?

    As we near the end of the standards process for DIS29500, the final positions of various countries are starting to become known. In the last week we've seen several countries announce their final positions, including the Approve position from the United States as submitted by the INCITS executive board. One thing that gets lost in the debate sometimes is the core question of what's at stake. Who wins or loses if Open XML becomes an ISO/IEC standard? I've heard several perspectives on that lately...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Elephants have good memories

    My buddy Yoon Kit seems to be having a heck of a time remembering what happened in today's TC4 meeting , so I thought I'd try to help him out. My thoughts are a bit long for a comment on his post , so I'll put them here where I have room to stretch out a bit, as an extended comment ... First off, great title YK. You have a knack for good blog-post titles, and I mean that. Being much larger than anyone else in the room, and much larger than I was when this silly DIS29500 process started, I certainly...
  • Doug Mahugh

    An "open standards" meeting in Malaysia

    Man, what does a guy have to do to find a technical debate in Malaysia? I've spent 72 hours trying to do exactly that, and am now at the airport headed for home, having never found anyone who actually wanted to discuss any technical details of DIS29500 in general, or Malaysia's submitted comments in particular. I already blogged about the PIKOM meeting earlier in the week, and then this morning I tried to fit in a stop at the TC4 technical committee meeting where Yoon Kit would be presenting the...
  • Doug Mahugh

    PIKOM meeting in Malaysia

    I'm in Malaysia this week for several meetings, including a briefing set up by PIKOM, a Malaysian ICT industry association and member of the TC4 technical committee and ISC-G in SIRIM, the Malaysian Standards body that is responsible for evaluating DIS29500. PIKOM wanted to hear both sides of the debate around Open XML, and they set up a meeting for this purpose, which I was invited to attend. I thought I was going to have an opportunity to see Yoon Kit and debate some of the BRM resolutions with...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Open XML SDK roadmap

    After nine months of developer feedback on the Open XML SDK , we have some good news today: a roadmap for releasing the API. We have two versions coming: a version 1.0 that will be released in May, and then a version 2.0 that will be available as a CTP this summer, and will be released around the time of the next major release of Office (Office "14"). The details are covered over on OpenXMLDeveloper , and you can learn more from these links as well: Open XML SDK download page "How To...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Catching up on non-controversial topics

    While taking a hiatus from Open XML blogging during the BRM, I fell far behind in covering news of interest to Open XML developers. I've certainly forgotten a few things already that I had hoped to cover, but before any more of it slips away I'd like to post a few links from the last couple of weeks ... Mauricio Ordoñez has started blogging. Expect lots of technical substance, a sly sense of humor, and broad Microsoft perspective from Mauricio's blog , which he quietly started a couple weeks ago...
  • Doug Mahugh

    US V1 technical committee votes to recommend Approval of DIS 29500

    I just got off a 3-hour call with my colleagues on the V1 technical committee, in which I and the other members of the US delegation to the BRM presented our thoughts on what happened at the BRM. Then we all voted on what to recommend to the INCITS Executive Board for the final US position on DIS 29500. The final outcome: we are recommending that the US maintain its Approve position on DIS 29500. The next step will be for the INCITS Executive Board to conduct a letter ballot to approve this result...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Confusion, corrections, observers, and O-members

    An article in Computerworld yesterday entitled "ISO officials, others dispute claims that Open XML meeting was flawed" includes reaction from Alex Brown to Andy Updegrove's blog post that appeared immediately after the conclusion of the BRM last Friday evening. I'm glad to see that Andy admits in the comments that he wasn't actually an "observer" to the BRM, and it will be interesting to see whether Computerworld corrects that misleading statement. While they're at it, they might also correct...
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