November, 2008

Doug Mahugh

Microsoft Interoperability Team
  • Doug Mahugh

    Publication of ISO/IEC 29500 (Office Open XML)

    It's official: ISO announced today the publication of the final text of ISO/IEC 29500, the Office Open XML specification. This includes all of the changes agreed to at the BRM, including the strict-vs-transitional structure and many others from the various national bodies involved. This has been a global process, with participation from dozens of countries and hundreds of individuals. The final text, reflecting all of those contributions, was prepared by project editor Rex Jaeschke and his BRM...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Links for 11-17-2008

    Zeyad Rajabi has started a series of very useful hands-on posts over on Brian Jones's blog about working with the Open XML SDK. Recent posts include a Document Assembly Solution for SpreadsheetML and Reading Data from SpreadsheetML . Alex Brown has two posts in the last week on the ongoing discussions between JTC1, SC34 and OASIS regarding maintenance of ODF: The Maintenance of ODF – an Aide-mémoire and ODF – OASIS and JTC 1 Get It Together . Eric White continues to blog on many Open XML dev...
  • Doug Mahugh

    ODF Interoperability and Conformance TC (OIC TC)

    I’ve had a few people ask recently whether Microsoft would be participating in the OIC TC, and I’m glad to report that as of today we’ve signed up. I’ll be representing Microsoft on this TC, and I’m looking forward to working with Bart Hanssens (TC chair), Dennis Hamilton (TC secretary), and the other TC members. As it says in the OIC TC charter , the group was formed to “help implementors create applications which conform the ODF standard and which are able to interoperate.” We’ve made adherence...
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