April, 2010

Doug Mahugh

Microsoft Interoperability Team
  • Doug Mahugh

    Office’s Support for ISO/IEC 29500 Strict

    There has been some interest expressed lately regarding how soon Microsoft Office will offer full read/write support for the Strict conformance class of ISO/IEC 29500. I can certainly understand the interest in this topic from those involved in the standards process, as well as from our customers and other implementers. That’s why we’ve been looking into the issues and options for Strict support for quite some time. Many of you have observed our movement in this direction. Indeed, a member of WG...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Digital Signatures DII Workshop

    The next DII workshop will be on June 8, 2010 in Redmond. This event will focus on digital signatures and a new technical signing standard supported by Office 2010, called XAdES (XML Advanced Digital Electronic Signatures). XAdES consists of a set of extensions to the XML-DSig standard (supported by Office 2007) and gives users additional features, like the ability to timestamp signatures or store certificate and revocation information with the signature. The goal of this event is to share information...
  • Doug Mahugh

    SharePoint Interoperability Plugfest

    Here’s another Plugfest event coming up here in Redmond to let everyone know about. It’s a SharePoint interop event, where developers can test interoperability, get answers directly from the SharePoint team, set up up 1-on-1 meetings, and generally do whatever’s need to improve interoperability between their applications and SharePoint. My colleague Michael Bowman is running this event, and in his words: The SharePoint interoperability team is planning their first file operations Plugfest on June...
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