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    C# Conventions and Project MRU Cleaner

    I had a lively conversation with my manager yesterday afternoon about C# programming conventions. I was arguing for clarity and readability, and he was arguing for consistency with prevailing C# coding conventions. I'm a big fan of using white space to aid readability, in all forms of written communication, and I've always felt source code should be written for humans first, compilers second. (Back in the old days, this was derisively referred to as "pretty-printing" by those who didn't agree.) ...
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    .NET User Group and Open XML

    Last night I had the opportunity to give a presentation on Open XML development at the monthly meeting of the Seattle .NET User Group . As promised, here's a wrap-up of the links I mentioned in the presentation: Where to download the schemas: Office Open XML schemas (Ecmas draft version 1.3) Where to get the .NET 3.0 System.IO.Packaging API: WinFX February CTP Package Explorer utility: shared source project on CodePlex compiled copy on Blogs covering Open XML development...
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    ODF support? In Office?

    Well, not built-in, but today's announcement of the Open XML Translator , an open-source project to deliver an ODF add-in for Word 2007, means that you'll be able to easily create ODF documents from Word 2007 if your organization has standardized on ODF. And Excel/Powerpoint versions of the converter will be available some time next year. I love this news, because it means we can stop talking about ODF support as if it's a "missing feature" and instead focus on which desktop apps deliver the best...
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    Introduction to the WSS V3 Object Model

    It's been a while since Dan Winter has posted anything on his blog, but it was worth the wait. His introduction to the WSS V3 object model is full of useful hands-on info about differences between V2 and V3, and includes a great set of links to useful resources for Sharepoint developers. Dan is on the escalation team, which means he helps deal with the most complex Sharepoint development issues that come in from customers and partners in the early-adopter programs.
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    CreateDOCX Sample Program

    This post covers a very simple program for creating an Office Open XML word-processing document. The source code for this program is included in the attachment, or you can download it here . The syntax for using the CreateDOCX program is shown to the right. It's a command-line program that takes two arguments: a filename to be created, and some text to put in the file. That's all there is to it -- the program then creates the output file using the .NET packaging API. The resulting document can...
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    Creating Open XML Documents

    The packaging API in the .NET 3.0 framework (formerly known as WinFX) provides low-level support for reading and writing Open XML documents. And now that Office 2007 Beta 2 is out, more developers are starting to ramp up on how to work with the packaging API. (If you've not seen the new packaging API, you can download the WinFX February CTP to check it out.) Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be writing some simple programs that will serve as learning tools for working with the packaging...
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    Sharepoint's Support for Blogs, Wikis and RSS

    A new Channel 9 video today covers Sharepoint's support for blogs, wikis, and RSS. Sharepoint PMs Tim McConnell and Renee Lo give a guided tour of the new features, and also discuss some of the thinking behind Sharepoint's approach. Here's the link. The blog and wiki support means that organizations using Sharepoint for collaboration don't need a separate platform for each type of collaboration. Whether you're sharing a document library, publishing to a team blog, or working together on a wiki...
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    Office Programmability Tips

    Here's a nice summary of the benefits of developing Office add-ins with the new VSTO AddinLoader. Security and administration of add-ins was clumsy in the old days (i.e., Office 2003), but things have changed. Good riddance, mscoree.dll. That post is on David Gainer's Excel blog , but it was written by Patrick Smith, a PM on the Office Programmability team. I like the way some of the most popular Office-related bloggers have started running guest posts from others on the office team, such as Savraj...
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    The Low-down Hoe-down on LEAGIS

    In state government, like any other field, there are technology leaders and technology losers. The state of Florida is a true leader in this field, and this week I've had the opportunity to spend some long hours with the developers of their unique and powerful LEAGIS system. LEAGIS automates the processes that support the legislative process, from initial creation of bills, to their reading by various House committees, to their review by the Senate, and on to the Governor's office where bills...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Code Snippets for Open XML Development

    The Open XML code snippets are out! These are a well-organized set of snippets that do the basic things every developer needs to do when working with Open XML documents. They're free, and all of the snippets come in C# and VB versions. Download them here. Here's the complete list of what you'll find in these snippets: Open XML: Get OfficeDocument Part Excel: Add Custom UI Excel: Delete Comments by a specific User Excel: Delete Worksheet Excel: Delete Excel 4.0 Macro sheets ...
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