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    Odds & ends for 03-01-2009

    The ODF TC has published Committee Draft 01 for ODF 1.2 . This is not the official public-review version yet, but you can download the draft and provide feedback to the TC if you want to get an early start on the process. On a related note, OASIS administrator Mary McRae has posted a call for proposals for ODF v-next . Gray Knowlton has posted an Open XML Tools Index that includes links to many tools and resources for Open XML developers. Maarten Balliauw had a cool post last month on saving...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Building consensus around ODF 1.2

    It’s been interesting to be a part of the ODF TC and learn about how an OASIS working group handles the maintenance work for an evolving standard. I’ve also been involved in INCITS V1, Ecma TC45, and more recently SC34 WG4, and each group has its own style, based on the governing rules, the personalities of the members and committee chairs, the nature of the work to be done, and other factors. ODF 1.2 will be the next major deliverable from the ODF TC, and co-chairs Rob Weir (IBM) and Michael...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Okinawa WG4/WG5 Meetings

    I spent last week in Okinawa, attending the first face-to-face meeting of SC 34 Working Group 4. This is the group responsible for the maintenance of IS29500, with Murata Makoto as the convenor and Rex Jaeschke as the project editor. I haven't seen the official list of attendees yet, but there were representatives present from many countries including Japan, Korea, China, Denmark, Norway, Germany, UK, and the US, as well as Ecma TC45 in our liaison role. In this meeting we discussed procedural...
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    Off to Okinawa

    I'm at Sea-Tac waiting to board my flight to the WG4/WG5 meetings in Okinawa this week, and decided to do a quick blog post while I have a few minutes. I'll be attending the meetings with the Ecma delegation, and I see that Jesper Lund Stocholm will be there representing Denmark, and Alex Brown of the UK has already arrived in Okinawa and started snapping pretty pictures . Here are two links to blog posts of interests from the last few days: Zeyad has another great post on Brian's blog,...
  • Doug Mahugh

    ECMA-376 Implementation Notes for Office 2007 SP2

    Today we've published another set of document-format implementation notes, this time for the ECMA-376 1st Edition implementation in Office 2007 SP2. As with the ODF 1.1 implementation notes we published in December, the goal of publishing these notes is to help other implementers improve interoperability with Office, by transparently documenting the details of our implementation. To get to the ECMA-376 implementer notes, go to the DII home page and click on Reference and then select ECMA-376 1st...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Interoperability Challenges

    I've started testing interoperability between various document-format implementations, and have found some interesting results. There are some very comprehensive tests of document format interoperability beginning to emerge (see the University of Illinois study mentioned below, for example), but the things I've been doing are pretty informal: create a document, type something into it, do a little formatting, and save it. Even though these documents are very simple, I've run into some interesting...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Is it too late to say Happy New Year?

    Man, it's already the second week of 2009. Where does the time go? Here are a few links to posts and articles I've come across over the end of the holiday season and the start of the new year ... Package Explorer learns a new vocabulary. Wouter Van Vugt finally got some time off over the holidays, and spent it writing code. He's like that. The result is a new version of Package Explorer . The biggest new feature in this version is the "packaging vocabulary" concept: an XML-based representation...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Ecma approves ECMA-376 Edition 2 aligned with IS29500

    The Ecma General Assembly met on December 4, and one of the matters they addressed was publication of ECMA-376 Edition 2. By a vote of 20-3, the GA approved publication of Edition 2 and it's now available on the Ecma web site . Note that IS29500 and ECMA-376 Edition 2 have identical content, and differ only in name. This is common practice for Ecma, to synchronize the Ecma version with the ratified ISO/IEC version so that there is no divergence in the two standards. For those who've asked about...
  • Doug Mahugh

    ODF Implementation Notes for Office 2007 SP2

    Microsoft has today published our first set of document-format implementation notes, for the ODF implementation in Office 2007 SP2. These notes, which are available on the DII web site , provide detailed information about the design decisions that went into our implementation of ODF 1.1. See the press release for more information. The implementation notes can be found under the "OASIS ODF 1.1" option on the Reference dropdown on the DII home page . The site is structured to allow for multiple...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Miscellaneous links for 12-09-2008

    If you've been at one of the recent DII workshops, you may recall that some of us from Microsoft have been talking about an upcoming converter interface that will allow you to add support for other formats to Office. I'm pleased to report that we've now published the documentation on MSDN for the External File Converter for SP2 . The basic concept is that you convert incoming files to the Open XML format, and on save you convert Open XML to your format. Using this API, you can extend Office to support...
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