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    Patrick Tisseghem, one of a kind

    The SharePoint community has lost a great teacher and mentor: Patrick Tisseghem has passed away at the tender age of 39, apparently from a heart attack while teaching a class in Sweden on Wednesday. As co-founder of U2U and one of the world's leading experts on SharePoint and many related technologies, Patrick touched the lives of countless people. I first worked with him in 2005, at the Office Ascend training dry run in Amsterdam (above, with his daughters Anahi and Laura on his desktop wallpaper...
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    Links for 08-09-2008

    Interoperability Study. Jay Kesan and Rajiv Shah of the University of Illinois have published a study on interoperability between various implementations of ODF and Open XML, respectively. I first saw it mentioned on Jesper's blog , and here's a link to the study . A few quotes from the abstract: "... governments seeking the benefits of open standards need to consider the role of interoperability ... While the best implementations may result in formatting problems, the worst implementations actually...
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    Guiding principles for Office’s ODF implementation

    This blog post covers the main presentation from our ODF workshop that took place in Redmond last week: Peter Amstein’s explanation of the guiding principles behind our support of ODF in Office 2007 SP2. I’ve added explanations of some of the details that were covered verbally in the workshop, but if anything’s not clear here, please let me know. Why ODF 1.1? We’re implementing ODF 1.1 in our initial release of ODF support. We chose this version because it is the most current approved ODF specification...
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    ODF workshop in Redmond

    We had our ODF workshop today in Redmond, and it was a busy day full of interesting conversation with a great bunch of people. We had the architects of our ODF implementation at the event, and they demonstrated various functionality for the attendees, then we had an engaging roundtable discussion followed by hands-on lab time so that everybody could try out a very early (pre-alpha) build of Office 2007 SP2. It was great to have a chance to share our thinking with this group and get their feedback...
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    Planning the maintenance of IS29500

    I'm in London this week for meetings with SC 34 Ad-Hoc Group 1 (AHG1) and Ecma TC45. I suppose London is an appropriate place for standards bodies to meet, having had a newspaper called the Standard for nearly 200 years. SC 34 AHG1 Meeting The AHG1 meeting took place on Monday and Tuesday at the British Library. The goal of this meeting was to come up with a set of recommendations for SC 34 regarding the structure and activities of WG4, the new working group to be created for maintaining IS29500...
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    Links for 07-15-2008

    Eric White on Linq and Open XML. Eric White has been posting some great code samples lately, including a sample of functional programming with the Open XML SDK , how to transform flat data into a hierarchy with Linq , and a set of blog posts on Writing robust Linq to XML code that performs well . Orcmid on Interop. Like Eric, Dennis Hamilton has been blogging prolifically this summer, with a series of posts in the last week on interop topics: Interoperability: The Experience of It , Interoperability...
  • Doug Mahugh

    DII Workshop on SP2 and ODF

    We’re holding a workshop in Redmond on July 30 to talk about our ODF support in Office 2007 SP2. This is a free workshop that we’re doing as part of our Document Interoperability Initiative , to share information with the developer community and solicit feedback on how we can work together to improve interoperability. We initially invited the members of the ODF TC, but it looks like we may have a few more slots open, so I thought I’d extend the invitation more broadly. I can’t guarantee that we...
  • Doug Mahugh

    My new role in Office interoperability

    Brian Jones mentioned on his blog yesterday that he’s going to be pretty focused on Office 14 going forward and people should look over here on my blog for information about Office’s approach to interoperability and file formats going forward. I’d like to add a few more details regarding my own plans. Over the next few weeks, I'll be transitioning to a PM position on our Office interoperability team, and I'm going to get much more involved in a variety of standards groups and activities including...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Updated binary formats documentation

    We have announced today the release of version 1.0 of technical documentation for a variety of protocols used by Office, SharePoint and Exchange. this brings the total amount of protocol documentation available for free download on MSDN to about 50,000 pages, including 5,000 pages of new documentation for the binary file formats alone. The binary format documentation is thorough and well-organized, and will be useful to anyone who needs to write code that reads existing binary documents. Here...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Open XML links for 06-22-2008

    Here are some interesting blog posts from the last week, as well as a few items I had missed while I was at TechEd but discovered while catching up on my RSS feeds today ... Wouter Van Vugt has an excellent post on "Embedding repeating elements in a schema-mapped document" that shows how to use the <customXml> element with repeating data structures in WordprocessingML tables. Eric White has two posts last week of interest to users of the Open XML Power Tools , including "PowerTools Script...
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