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February, 2004

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Dave Massy works as a Program Manager on Windows Embedded. This is his blog.

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    Wireless expectations

    I suddenly realised yesterday how I've come to rely on wireless access. I have it at work and I have it at home and I've come to expect it at airports and coffee shops. Yesterday I found myself with a couple of hours spare at Logan airport in Boston waiting...
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    XAML by itself is not that interesting!

    Microsoft should drop XAML like a .... Rory Blythe makes a great post and people respond. XAML is just markup and although incredibly important to allow tools to declaratively put Content, UI and Media together it really isn't that interesting by itself...
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    Avalon != XAML

    XAML is not Avalon and Avalon is not XAML. I think we've not been making this entirely clear although it has definitely been implied by Don Box, Chris Anderson and others. See the Holiday MSDN TV show to see some of this. However there seems to be a little...
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