Microsoft should drop XAML like a .... Rory Blythe makes a great post and people respond. XAML is just markup and although incredibly important to allow tools to declaratively put Content, UI and Media together it really isn't that interesting by itself. The really interesting stuff in Longhorn can be found if you look at the underlying .NET classes that XAML wires together, look at the Avalon functionality not the markup, look at the WinFS functionality for storage and Indigo for communication. When I look at the complete set of functionality in WinFX I get really excited by what Longhorn is going to bring. Looking at individual parts of Longhorn in isolation is like having your eyes just one inch from a 42“ high definition television screen you see lots of great little dots and maybe can make out part of the picture but you don't see the big picture and it is really difficult to understand the story being told by the TV show.