I suddenly realised yesterday how I've come to rely on wireless access. I have it at work and I have it at home and I've come to expect it at airports and coffee shops. Yesterday I found myself with a couple of hours spare at Logan airport in Boston waiting for a flight in terminal B. I found a seat with a power outlet next to it so I could charge up my laptop battery for use on the flight and was pretty pleased. However terminal B seemed totally lacking in wireless hotspots and I wanted to synch up my email so I wouldn't be quite so behind this morning, I was quite prepared to pay $10 for a couple of hours of access!
All the airports I've been through on the West coast recently have wireless available, Seattle, San Fransisco, San Jose. I guess it's easy to take these things for granted. As it was I was too tired to get much productive work done and the flight was full making doing any work on the laptop near impossible in the cramped seating of coach.

We talk about the occasionally connected world and how things have changed from people jsut using desktops which are always connected to being more and more reliant on laptop and tablet PCs which are occasionally connected. This is where the server reliance of the web breaks down and we need a way to ensure we have data cached on the client for offline use synching up automatically when connectivity is available. That's a smart client!