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June, 2004

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Dave Massy works as a Program Manager on Windows Embedded. This is his blog.

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    Investment in IE is NOT a Stop-Gap

    There was one section of the story that got on ZDNet and CNet that I think is worth a response. "Longhorn isn't going to be delivered in the timeframe Microsoft originally expected, and users probably can't wait that long for a stabilized browser...
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    Unwanted Downloads

    There are lots of important security enhancements for Internet Explorer in Windows XP SP2. One enhancement that can be argued to be amongst the most important is preventing unwanted downloads of software. This has been mentioned repeatedly in feedback...
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    What is a Program Manager anyway?

    There seems to be a little confusion out there with CNet announcing that I've been appointed as a new IE evangelist http://news.com.com/Microsoft+appoints+a+new+IE+evangelist/2100-1032_3-5243583.html Actually as I stated in a previous post I'll be...
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    Undeserved Attention

    Wow! I got /.ed - http://developers.slashdot.org/developers/04/06/20/1740256.shtml Great to see all the supportive and accurate comments coming in :-) I do have to point out though that my return to the IE team really isn't big news. The Internet...
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    Security, Security, Security

    This topic seems to be coming up again and again in feedback to my last post. I really encourage people to take a close look at Windows XP SP2. You can get Release Candidate 2 at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/winxppro/sp2preview.mspx...
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    Return of the xxxx?

    Scoble just let it slip in the comments to his post on http://radio.weblogs.com/0001011/2004/06/16.html#a7776 I'm returning to work on the Internet Explorer team. A team that I used to work on a few years ago and I'm very excited to be returning to...
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