There was one section of the story that got on ZDNet and CNet that I think is worth a response.

"Longhorn isn't going to be delivered in the timeframe Microsoft originally expected, and users probably can't wait that long for a stabilized browser. So as a stop-gap move, they are going to shore up IE," O'Grady said.

This is not the case at all. As Tony Chor the Group Program Manager for IE said on Channel 9 a couple of months ago there is a renewed effort on Internet Explorer. The immediate focus is on security improvements and you can clearly see great progress there in Windows XP SP2. There are currently no plans to release a new version of Internet Explorer prior to Longhorn when it will be delivered as part of the new OS. As the team completes Windows XP SP2 we are starting to think about what we will deliver as a great browser in Longhorn which is why the feedback now is so useful.