There's lots of great documentation on Internet Explorer available on MSDN. is an excellent place to start. If you have feedback we'd like to hear it. What functionality are you finding difficult to find? What topics would you like covered?

Something worth drawing attention to is the fact that each reference page in the SDK for Internet Explorer has and explicit section for standards. This makes it clear if the attribute, method or element falls within a W3C recommendation or not. I mention this because a couple of times lately I've seen it suggested that Microsoft is deliberately not documenting which parts of Internet Explorer fall within W3C recommendations or not. This is clearly not the case and our reference documentation has contained this information for many years.
For example the AUTOCOMPLETE property is something we support in Internet Explorer. We happen to think that the autocomplete functionality is very useful, however it is not part of a W3C recommendation. So the reference page states:

Standards Information
This property is a Microsoft extension to HTMLs Non-Microsoft link.

In contrast the ACCESSKEY property that Internet Explorer supports is part of a W3C recommendation and the reference page at states:

Standards Information
This property is defined in HTML 4.0 Non-Microsoft link and is defined in World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Document Object Model (DOM) Level 1 Non-Microsoft link.

We think this is useful information so it is included in every reference page. Do let us know if you find any errors in the documentation and if there are things you are looking for that you cannot easily find.

The best place to post feedback is the Internet Explorer Wiki on Channel 9

You are also welcome to place feedback here as well. I do ask that you keep posts polite and respect each others opinion. I have unfortunately already had to remove an abusive and obscene comment.