I can't seem to log into Neowin to leave a comment on yesterday's interview but there was one post from FloatingFatMan that I wanted to comment on:

I'd personally HATE to be on the IE dev team, cause you know that no matter what you do, a sizable portion of the userbase are just gonna bitch bitch bitch... Very demoralizing... (See... look... Even I could be construed as bitching about it with my first paragraph :-))

I don't find it demoralising at all although I won't deny that there are occasionally days when you have to have a thick skin. The truth is I love being on this team and I think that's a sentiment shared by other team members too. Working on what is arguably the most used piece of software in the world is a big responsibility, as we have the ability to affect people, their productivity, their enjoyment and the productivity of companies in so many ways. We don't take that responsibility lightly, but I do not see it as a constraint or a heavy burden we must bear, I see it as giving our jobs real meaning and purpose.

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