There are some pretty amusing accusations in the comments to the stories on ZDNET and A number of comments appear to believe that the fact that XML rendering in IE no longer works after installation of Netscape 8 is a deliberately planned move by Microsoft to discourage people from installing another browser. According to this theory Microsoft deliberately coded Internet Explorer many years ago so that Netscape 8 would break some of Internet Explorer's capabilities! Let's think about that just for a second. Does it make any sense? It certainly doesn't to me, but apparently it does to some of the conspiracy theorists out there. Even if that were a goal (which makes no sense of itself), how on earth could we plan for such a situation?

Our current advice at is to help users who need XML rendering functionality in Internet Explorer restored. As we can see at Netscape are working on a remedy. This is an unfortunate situation for all parties concerned and I'm hopeful we'll have the issue resolved shortly.