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June, 2005

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Dave Massy works as a Program Manager on Windows Embedded. This is his blog.

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    Working with IE today!

    Yesterday we posted a comment on the team blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2005/06/23/431980.aspx about achieving rounded corners in IE today. The title of the post clearly states that it is about using against IE today. There has been a lot of...
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    Back in the office

    Wow this week has gone quickly back in the office. It was great to meet so many people at TechEd in Orlando last week. My talk was very well received, although many people wanted to see IE7 and were dissapointed even though I' tried to be clear that...
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    Hiring and mature comments

    We made a post about hiring yesterday over on the IE team blog There were some less than complimentary comments posted in response which were completely off topic. It was refreshing to see Gerv who's part of the Mozilla foundation post a response asking...
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    TechEd Orlando 2005

    I'm in Orlando at TechEd. I spent a little of yesterday sitting in the Windows Desktop Cabana which is an area where the Microsoft experts hang out and attendees can drop by to ask questions. Drop by and say hi if you are here, there is a sign on a table...
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