It's too long since my last blog post. I've been busy watching my new son grow. He's now 3 months old and doing fabulously. Thanks for all the good wishes.

Here's a quick roundup of a few things that caught my interest in the last few weeks.

  • Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition - It's free and offers the IDE of Visual Studio for web development with ASP.NET 2.0. I've been working through the tutorial in the odd spare moment and so far I am extremely impressed. It includes starter kits for personal and club websites. I'm going to have to spend some time over the holidays playing with this a little more.
  • Default View Source Editor for IE - Tony Chor posted a useful reg key for changing the default View Source editor in IE. I just changed mine to point to the VWD Express I just mentioned. SWEET!
  • IE7 We're working on it - Dean our boss posted on the team blog that we'll be getting a pre-release of IE7 for XP out in the first quarter of next year and will be available to everyone. The team's been working hard here and IE7 is going to rock!
  • Firefox 1.5 - Congratulations to the Firefox guys on their 1.5 release. We're enjoying the competition and I hope they'll enjoy the competition when IE7 is released next year. We need to get back into the habit of shipping IE on a more frequent basis just as we used to before IE6. We're already thinking about IE8.
  • IE Blog - Too many postings on the IE team blog with great information to call out. There's going to be a lot more news there over the coming months as we get that pre-release of IE7 out.
  • CSS Hacks - Great history and discussion of CSS hacks from Tantek. If you are going to use some of these hacks then be sure you understand them and their impact or you could be painting yourself into a corner. If you don't understand the code you are using then you risk having a maintenance nightmare on your hands when you need to change something later.
  • Håkon Lie and Chris Wilson Side by Side - For those who don't know Håkon is CTO of Opera and Chris is Group Program Manager for the platform part of Internet Explorer both of whom have worked on CSS since before I knew what the letters stood for.
  • Side by Side conflicts - A recent IE update had some problems for people who had IE7 installed in a side by side configuration. We don't support side by side installations of different versions of IE, but the blog post does bring up a good number of requests for us to do so in order that web developers can test their pages. I'd actually really like to see us do this, I don't know if we'll get to this in IE8 though as we already know we have a great deal of work to do after IE7.

Have a great holiday whatever you are up to.