There's certainly a lot of feedback coming in on our preview of beta 2 of IE7. See the post at for how to give feedback.

Having looked at quite a bit of the feedback over the last day or so and here are a few observations:

  1. Please take time to read the posts on the team blog at and particularly the FAQ post prior to giving feedback as it may address your issues. There are more posts coming so do subscribe to the RSS feed on the team blog.
  2. This is a preview of beta 2. It is not a final release or even a full beta. e really want your feedback to help us make a great product. Don't forget to tell us what you do like as well as what you do not like.
  3. We know we have more work to do. That's why we are not at a full release yet :)
  4. We do know that we don't have builds available for x64 and Windows 2003 Server SP1. This is not an oversight on our part but a deliberate decision to focus on getting the 32 bit XP SP2 based build out for feedback as soon as we could. You can expect to see builds available for x64 and W2K3 server SP1 in a future preview.
  5. The UI has changed. I'm not a UI expert (I work in the platform area of IE) but I have become used to it very quickly. I encourage people to play with it for a few days and allow themselves to become familiar with it before passing judgment. It probably isn't perfect and feedback on it is definitely appreciated. On a personal note I'm a little surprised how many people are so upset that the menus are no longer above the address bar. Personally I barely noticed when the change was made! The post at explains some of the UI changes.
  6. I've seen a couple of comments claiming that we've done no work on CSS. This is far from the truth and I can only assume the people posting those comments either have not tried the preview or don't know much about CSS. We have been quite upfront that passing ACID2 and full CSS2.1 support were not goals of this release (although we certainly expect to get there in a future release). The goals for IE7 in this area were to address key concerns of web developers and I think we've done just that. Are we done? No. There's more work to do here and we appreciate the feedback so we can continue to improve.
  7. The wet weather continues here in Redmond!
  8. Go Seahawks. I don't really understand American Football as I'm not originally from the USA but it's difficult to avoid getting caught up in the excitement here.
  9. Some sites don't look right in IE7. As we improve our CSS implementation in IE7 some sites that relied on the incorrect behavior in IE6 will look a little different and may need to change. Here's an article that might help explain the issues.

Keep that feedback coming.