Mix is going great here in Las Vegas. Attendees are clearly excited about IE7.

In the keynotes by Bill Gates and Dean Hachamovitch (General Manager of IE) they did the mea culpa on how IE development took a pause after 2001. They made it quite clear that IE is back and will return to frequent and regular releases. Dean took the audience through a bunch of IE7 features around security, user experience and platform.

New Build
We also made a new preview build of IE7 avaialble yesterday http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/ie7/ that includes more fixes as well as min-height and min-width support that many developers have been asking for since the float model fixes in the last preview build made them even more essential.

Compatibility Labs
In the IE7 compatibility labs at Mix we talked to plenty of customers and helped them check there sites work great in IE7. Compatibility is really improtant to us and the majority of web sites do continue to render just fine. However some sites may ned an update, particularly if they use the strict doctype and were relying on hacks that were specific to IE6 that are no longer working.
We seem to be effectively getting the word out about this and some people seem genuinely surprised to find that their web sites work just fine in IE7.

Panel on the Future of IE7
There was a panel discussion around the future of IE7. It included Andy Clarke (Malarkey), Dean Hachamovitch, Eric Meyer (Complex Spiral Consulting), Mike Rowan (Geotrust), Molly Holzschlag (Molly.Com) and Chris Wilson (Group Program Manager on IE for platform and Security). This was a fun discussion where the issues of compatibility versus standards came up. Dean made a clear statement that we'll continue to work on standards support, security and user experience moving forward.
One interesting discussion point was how frequently should new versions of IE be released. Some people want to see new versions as quickly as possible so we can move the web forward. While others would prefer to see a longer gap with more significant improvements so that there aren't too many versions in use for a web site to have to cope with. Everyone agrees that five years is clearly too long between releases and it won't happen again. What frequency should we be aiming for?

At the end of the day everyone went to the Tao night club here at the Venetian hotel which was rented out for a great party. There are some great disussions going on here and the team is really excited to see such a positive response to IE7.

We'll be here at the IE7 Compatibility labs for the next two days and there are more IE related sessions on wednesday around security and CSS. Chris Wilso is also giving a session entitled NGW028 - Open, De Jure, De Facto and Proprietary: Standards and Microsoft  which should prove fun!