I'm back in Redmond this morning and the Mix06 conference is over.

It was a lot of fun and everyone I spoke to there said it was worthwhile. On the last day of the conference Chris Wilson's talk on standards was well received. Markus Mielke our representative for CSS at the W3C gave a talk about getting sites ready for IE7 which was also well received as he went through the fixes and enhancements for the platform and the tools available to help. Everyone is really excited about IE7 and the improvements. Of course everyone is also concerned about how long they'll have to continue to live with the older versions of IE. You can be sure that we will promote IE7 pretty heavily to encourage people to upgrade and it is difficult to predict the actual adoption rate. Markus included some advice on maintainable ways to have pages that display in older versions of IE as well using conditional comments. While not perfect this is certainly vastly more preferable to the use of CSS hacks today which rely on the odd behavior of IE6 and not supported features which then no longer apply with the improvements in IE7. Some of this material is in this article and I'll make sure we update it to include any new material.
The conference concluded with a general chat over lunch abotu what everyone had heard at the conference with some great feedback. One of the consistent pieces of feedback on IE7 is how pleased people are to see printing finally working effectively. We do acknowledge that there is more work to be done here though to allow control of page breaks in CSS. Beyond that there is some functionality that is not clearly defined in the standard for things such as horizontal pagination that would be nice to explore. As Eric Meyer pointed out in one of the discussion panels, control of print layout is surprisingly hard compared to computer display where there is more flexibility available.

It was certainly a great time but tiring and nice to get home and be met at the airport by my wife and 6 month old son who was all smiles and happy to see me.