If you didn't see it my colleague Laurel put up a great post on the IE team blog about her visit to the Ajax Experience and IE debugging tools. There seems to be a myth that there are no tools for IE that is not true, especially with the Developer Toolbar now available. We're hoping to release the final version 1 of the developer toolbar fairly soon and have plenty of ideas we are working on for the next version.

I'm taking a vacation for the next couple of weeks or so. I hadn't realised how badly I needed a vacation until I caught myself yelling at traffic while driving to work having been cut off by one of the inconsiderate drivers in this area. When I find these things getting are making me angry then it is definitely time for a vacation. There are much more important things to worry about than someone cutting you off in traffic! Around here it happens too often to get terribly upset about :) No email and lots of family time has to be good. I'll no doubt return to a mountain of email but that's OK.