As reported on a few of the Opera blogs and some of the Opera team were in town last week and a few of the IE team had coffee and lunch with them. It was great to see you guys. There's a great picture of us all posted on Olli's blog at That's me on the left. I'm not sure why Markus Mielke our Program Manager for CSS has his arm round me.

It's fun reading the slashdot story on Mozilla developers being invited to Redmond. Everyone there seems to think we have an evil plan to subvert them and that they will not return. I don't think anyone on the IE team was aware of the invite before now, in the same way we weren't aware that Opera were visiting before they arrived. Maybe we'll do coffee and lunch with the Mozilla guys too if they are interested. I think I can safely say that whenever we meet anyone working on another browser that things are very cordial.