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October, 2006

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Dave Massy works as a Program Manager on Windows Embedded. This is his blog.

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    Meet more of the team

    All four of the Channel 9 videos where I take the camera on a tour of the team are now avaialble. Part 1 - I talk for too long about IE7 adn then we walk the hallways adn met random members of the team. Part 2 - We chat to Max Stevens on User...
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    IE7 Released. Meet a few of the team!

    We've released www.microsoft.com/windows/ie It's a product that all of us are justifiably proud of. A video of me giving a tour meeting a few of the IE team is live on Channel 9 There are a couple more videos that will be available in the coming...
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    IE7 - It's Getting Close!

    As you can see from the post on the IE team blog IE7 is headed for final release shortly. It's fun reading some of the comments on the team blog. Clearly some people didn't actually bother to read the post or follow the links to the resources for more...
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