All four of the Channel 9 videos where I take the camera on a tour of the team are now avaialble.

  1. Part 1 - I talk for too long about IE7 adn then we walk the hallways adn met random members of the team.
  2. Part 2 - We chat to Max Stevens on User Experience.
  3. Part 3 - A few of the RSS team discuss the new functionality in IE7 and the RSS platform for Windows.
  4. Part 4 - We discuss networking with Eric Lawrence creator of Fiddler and Katya Sedova. This is a great in depth discussion. In chats with Eric it seems I always learn something new. At the end Pete LePage discusses the forthcomign contest for writing extensions to IE.

We had a lot of fun making this video. You may notice I change my shirt after the first video. That's because the battery on the camera died so Charles had to come back again on another day. It's a nice camera though, all hard disk and no tape.