I'm going to start making occasional posts when I find a website that is doing something particularly bizarre although I won't name the specific websites in question.

Yesterday I decided to send some feedback to a local radio station about the lack of decent coverage of the recent storms in the Northwest which meant that many of us were isolated without power, phone, internet etc. So I went to their website which appeared to be quite professional and found a "contact us" page where I clicked on the appropriate email address. Nothing happened. At this point I realised that the email address wasn't text but an image!
The only reason I can think that they went to the trouble of creating images of text is to avoid spam. I guess that's a creative solution to the spam problem but it make it more difficult for people to give them feedback and leaves those using screen readers with no solution for contacting them at all. Accessibility is really important for websites and is something that every web master should consider! I'd expect a radio station of all things to want to be accessible to the visually impaired.
Naturally I typed in the email address and sent them feedback on this as well as the poor news coverage of the storm.

Have you seen something really strange/bad that a website is doing?


P.S. The website concerned has promised to fix the problem.