Tech-Ed continues this week with "IT Week". Last week was "Dev Week". I'm back in redmond now after being at dev week in Orlando. If you are at Tech-Ed this week then drop by the Windows Embedded area, learn more about the products and give the team members there some feedback.

Tech-Ed was fun and it was great to meet some customers. Tech-Ed isn't normally the event to see Windows Embedded though so at times the number of people visiting our booth was a little low. Mike Hall has a good post on last week at Tech Ed on his blog. It's a pretty good summary and highlights the challenges of reaching the right audience with the right content. There's a lot of potential for smart connected devices running Windows Embedded so how do we best reach the customers interested in this area?

Windows Embedded spotted in the wild.
As I was flying back from Orlando through Chicago I was waiting for my flight when I spotted Windows Embedded in use. Each of the gates for United Airlines has a couple of big flat screen monitors in front of them where you can see what position you are on standby for the next flight. Strapped behind each of these screens is a Wyse thin client. It's difficult to be sure that it was running WIndows Embedded but the display looked extremely close to IE (having worked on IE for so long I recognise some of the subtle characteristics) running on Windows Embedded. 

Now I'm back in redmond I should get some real work done :)